Sillbird Values

  • Innovation

    We're constantly dreaming up new, exciting ways for kids to learn through play. Uncover new and captivating ways for children to acquire knowledge through playtime.

  • Creativity

    Our toys let kids bring their unique visions to life through coding and building. Indulge in the awe-inspiring experience our toys offer, as kids channel their boundless imagination into coding and building their own unique creations!

  • STEM Learning

    We instill problem solving skills, critical thinking and tech knowledge. By incorporating problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and tech knowledge, we hope we can empower your kids to tackle any challenge they may face.

  • Imagination

    With Sillbird, kids can imagine and invent anything their minds can conceive! Unlock boundless creativity with Sillbird - the ultimate platform for young minds to envision and create anything they can dream of!

  • Quality

    Our products are thoughtfully designed for maximum durability, safety and fun. With a keen focus on quality, our products are designed to withstand the test of time while providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Community

    We love seeing all the amazing creations kids make! Share yours with #Sillbird. Discover the endless possibilities of kids' imagination! Unleash your creativity and share your extraordinary creations with #Sillbird.

awalys dreaming up something new...

  • Our team is constantly innovating to bring kids the latest in programmable building and coding toys. Follow us to see new product launches that will educate and entertain for years to come!

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